Financing Options 

  • Talk to me about how you can buy a NeurOptimal professional system with $0 usd deposit, no interest and  pay off over 12 months (monthly payments) - Conditional that you become a full pass member offer only for 1 month and ends 18th of Dec. 

  • Other financing options  6 -12 months payment plan  with just over 50 % deposit

  • You receive everything you need (software, hardware (computer), sensors, zamp, paste, manual) 

  • Receive excellent local  and international support

  • To give you some examples of the different financing or paying outright comparison Click Here

Professional and Personal Bundles

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Advantages of Buying Through Australian Rep
  • Thorough & Responsive Support to Ensure you are Running Sessions Confidently

  • 10 Years Experience with NeurOptimal® with over 23 yrs experience across the Human Services Sector

  • Access to Rentals (Try Before You Buy)

  • Rebate on Rentals If You Purchase 

  • Beta Tester for NeurOptimal V3

  • Support at No Cost to You 

  • Complimentary Demo Session

  • Free Listing on Find a Trainer Page for Pass members

  • Can Facilitate Finance Option of Paying your System off Over 6 or 12 Months with as little as $2750 usd  Deposits

  • NeurOptimal Qualified Instructor (We run Certification Programs Regularly)

Order Process


  • Please contact me on 0438710015 or email  so I can talk you through the order process and provide you with a Coupon.

  • Please note that processing your order takes approximately 5-7 days (Quality Control)  and freight around 5 days. 


  • Payment either pay pal, bank deposit, visa card or master card).

  • GST is applied on Entry to Australia

Pass Membership

A PASS membership is the single best resource to assist you when using your NeurOptimal® System. Its primary aim is to educate you with information and webinars, connect you with others in the community through our forums, keep your system running smoothly and avoid down time. PASS is also a key to have access to PASS Member Referral Program, discounts on future purchases and FREE NeurOptimal® upgrades. Once you purchase your system you are provided with Pass Preview for 3 months. 


"I am so delighted to recommend Steve as the NeurOptimal® Australia representative. I have been working with him for the past 9 months, first as a client and then to purchase my own machine and complete the training to become a NeurOptimal® trainer myself. He has supported me through every step of the process and continues to be a rock of support through his incredible generosity and warmth with his time and knowledge " 

Inez de Vega NeurOptimal® Trainer


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Steve Phllis


Zengar Rep & Instructor

Tel. 0438710015


Developed by Clinical Psychologists, NeurOptimal® is the world’s first and only Dynamical Neurofeedback® brain training system.

With 17 years and well over 3 MILLION hours of use worldwide

Trains the Whole Brain for Adaptability and Resilience

We provide: Sales, Support, Training and NeurOptimal Rentals across Australia