About NeurOptimal

Using NeurOptimal®  neurofeedback is like having a “defrag”...

NeurOptimal Difference

NeurOptimal Non-lineal Neurofeedback does not push or  pull  your brain... 

Benefits of Training

NeurOptimal® supports the brain  to improve it's overall functioning ….

Ensuring Your Success is Our Priority 


With over 3 millions hrs of use and 1000's of trainers around the world, NeurOptimal is considered by many as the most effective Neurofeedback system on the market.  The system is safe, enjoyable and easy to use that helps  manage stress, improve clarity, supports you to operate at your best & more.  

We are here to support your every step through timely and caring support whether you are looking at:    training at home, starting a business, integrating into a current business or community service org.

    Talk to me about how you can buy a NeurOptimal professional system for $0 usd deposit, 0% interest, paying off over 12 months (monthly payments) as a full pass member. 


Services We Provide

NeurOptimal® Sales & Support

Working with the Australian NeurOptimal® Sales Rep gives you the advantage of having a personal assistant at no cost....

NeurOptimal® Rentals & Rebate

We rent systems across Australia. Everything is included!  You are fully supported to run sessions within 5 min ...

Become A Certified 

We run two day certification courses regularly in Australia supporting you to be confident in a range of areas...

Why Choose NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback? 



  • Touch Screen Interface

  • Client Management  System Built In

  • 20 Training Targets 

  • Adaptive De-noising

  • Flexible Media Options

Ease of Use

  • No Expertise Required

  • Simple Sensor Placement

  • Easy to Follow Instructions

  • Complexity Built Into the Software

  • Provides a 'Mirror' to the Brain

Pass Support

  • Unlimited Tech Support 

  • Access to Forums / Webinars

  • Marketing Brochures 

  • Clients Forms

  • Discounts 

  • Software Updates &  More..


  • Enjoyable and Effective for Clients 

  • Easy to Implement into Existing or new Business

  • Up and Running in Little Time

  • Be Your Own Boss  

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Your Journey Begins Where You Decide

Try NeurOptimal

  • Experience a Session with a local trainer (Click Here)

  • Or Rent One of Our Systems  to Train at Home for as Little as $20 per Session (Click Here


  • Train in the convenience of your own home and be fully supported

  • Everything included - Start training!

  • Eligible for Rebate when you Purchase 


  • Purchase either a Personal or Professional System

  • Pay a system off over 12 months 

  • Receive free support and a coupon code from your Australian Rep

Become a Trainer 

  • Undertake Basic Certification here in Australia  (2 Day course)

  • Start seeing Clients  

  • And Importantly Train yourself for Personal Benefits

James, Melbourne

“Finding Steve and NeurOptimal® was a Godsend! I initially rented a Personal NeurOptimal® system for a month; and due to the benefits I was experiencing, I extended my lease for a few more months. Thanks to Steve’s empathic, compassionate and supportive approach, I felt confident in taking the next step and investing in a Professional NeurOptimal® System. 

Jennifer* 2019

My husband has became much more cheerful, energetic with faster processing speed. As for myself, my mood has become relaxed and focused. My daughters attention, memory and processing speed has became better.

Nathan Claridge

I love it. I find extreme clarity, alertness & removal of 'brain fog' from tirednes. I have noticed absolute calmness in situations that previously might have evoked anxiety or stress. Using it a couple times a week, like going to the gym or doing a defrag for my brain is one of the best things I've done recently. 





It is our goal at Neurofeedback Australia to make people more aware of the importance of cognitive fitness and to share  this leading edge neurofeedback. Although physical training has been seen as the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle for decades, brain training's potential is now being realized.  Our passion is to support practitioners to integrate NeurOptimal® into a new or an existing healthcare  or performance practice, or for the general public to have their own neurofeedback system at home, and experience the benefits. Click here for more information Steve's qualifications and neurofeedback australia.


Steve Phillis

Zengar Australian Rep

& Instructor


Scientific Brain Training


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Steve Phllis


Zengar Rep & Instructor

Tel. 0438710015

Email:  neurofeedbackaustralia@gmail.com

Developed by Clinical Psychologists, NeurOptimal® is the world’s first and only Dynamical Neurofeedback® brain training system.

With 17 years and well over 3 MILLION hours of use worldwide

Trains the Whole Brain for Adaptability and Resilience

We provide: Sales, Support, Training and NeurOptimal Rentals across Australia